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[BKARTS] Collaboration question follow-up

Below is a summary of the answers I received to my query a few weeks ago about artist/poet collaborations. Answers had a varying range of specificity; I just put together what I received. Thanks to all who contacted me. -- Jae

Collaboration projects per suggestions of members of the Book Arts Email List

Ø Poet Marnie Reed Crowell collaborates with photographer Ann Flewelling. www.threehalfpress.com

Ø Stephen Spurrier has collaborated with many artists and writers over the years and spoke about this kind of work at the 2005 Noosa Book conference in Queensland, Australia, September. Stephen is associate lecturer in printmaking at the University of Southern Queensland.

Ø Dennis Ruud, binder, bound a book of poems, Ignited, by his brother Tom Ruud.

Ø Richard Minsky produced Where are they now? : (the class of forty-seven) / thirty-one images by Tom Phillips ; with interpretations by Heather McHugh ; and treatments by Tom Phillips. New York : Richard Minsky ; London : Talfourd Press, 1990.

Ø      Johanna Drucker / Brad Freeman collaborations
1) OTHERSPACE: Martian Ty/opography, 1993, Nexus Press
2) NOVA REPERTA, 1999, JAB Books
3) Emerging Sentience, 2000, JAB Books
4) CUBA, 2006, JAB Books

Ø      Anne George / Brad Freeman collaboration
ONCE REMOVED, 2003, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Ø Tom Raworth's project from the 80s - Infolio. http://tomraworth.com/information.html

Ø Paulette Myers-Rich works with Irish poets results in beautiful collaborations.

Ø Laurel Poetry Collective. Our group has a four year charter to publish beautiful and affordable books and broadsides. Four of us -- Georgia Greeley, Eileen O'Toole, Nancy Walden, and Regula Russelle--have worked as the Collective's letterpress team. Over the span of three years we've created a broadside for each of the 21 poet members. This year, the four of us printed a small letterpress printed book that contains short pieces about the work of poetry by each member. Our book is called "The Double Meaning of Yield." The Collective is in the process of getting a new web site up. Our old site is www.laurelpoetry.com

Ø Ann E. Grasso initiated a collaboration effort among twelve artists that lasted 1-1/2 years. It is named Box Collaboration because each of the twelve artist?s initial efforts was to create a box into which the contributions of other artists would be housed. The project will be presented to the public next year.

Ø "Paper Passages" by Allison Cooke Brown and Martha Hall consists of @70 entries in various artists' book formats which are stored in boxes. A correspondence collaboration between two women surrounding their experiences with breast cancer.

Ø Miriam Schaer / Michelle Valladares Doll Dresses. Schaer printed a vintage doll dress onto handmade paper and gave it to the poet who responded to it. Schaer then printed the poem on the prints of the dresses. Edition of 6.

Ø Miriam Schaer / Mary Florio The Posture Queen, edition of 25. Poems based on memories of and ephemera collected by the artist about a true event called ?The Posture Queen.?

Ø For one year, painter Kimberly MacArthur Graham and I [Kathryn T.S. Bass] engaged in a conversation about our experiences as artists and women. Each time we met, we shared tea and exchanged the new paintings and poems that were emerging out of this conversation. Kimberly painted panels that responded to my poetry, and I wrote poems that responded to her paintings. Centering on issues of loss, creativity, fertility, and feminism, the original pieces, framed in painting/poem pairs, became the subject of a two-month exhibition at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts in Grand Junction, Colorado. In order to best capture the many layers of intertwined meaning, we also created a book, Within/Without: A Conversation in Poetry and Painting.

Ø Alicia Bailey / Heidi Zednik Alphabet of Desire. Variable edition of 26
From the prospectus: ?Alphabet of Desire is an extended love poem in the form of an abecedary; illustrations are abstract expressions of the text?Text and prints by Heidi Zednik; designed and produced by Alicia Bailey.?

Ø Stuart A. Copans works on collaborative book and mail art projects with an international scope.

Ø Michelle Wilson works with Marie Elcin. The collaborations have taken the shape of artists? books and installations. An example can be found at http://www.inliquid.com/art/print/wilson/wilson_a.php

Ø The Bone Folders Guild in Madison Wisconsin sponsored The Sixty Books Project at the Madison Public Library where 60 blank books were filled collaboratively by the community with images and text. http://www.madisonpubliclibrary.org/calendar/sixtybooks.html

Ø A collaboration between two calligraphers about their respective language interests.
Root Words by Lynne Avadenka, whose Land Mark Press published the book, and calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya. From the publisher?s web site: ?Root Words is an exploration of the Hebrew and Arabic languages. It is the result of the collaborative efforts of working with the noted Islamic calligrapher, Mohamed Zakariya. Our goal was to look for shared origins and commonalities in our cultures and languages ? in Judaism and Islam.?

Ø The work of Carolee Campbell of Ninja Press http://www.califiabooks.com/finepress/n/ninja.html

Ø A Strawberry in the Snow is a current collaboration between Ellen Knudson of Crooked Letter Press and Leah Eisenbeis. http://www.crookedletterpress.com

Jae Jennifer Rossman
Special Collections Librarian, Arts Library
Yale University Library
PO Box 208240
New Haven CT 06520-8240 USA
(203) 432-1712
(203) 432-0549 (fax)

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