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[BKARTS] AAPA - the bundle phenomenon

Friends....Thanks for the response on the printing bundles. Requests poured
in long after all had been allotted. I'm really amazed by the response. If I
locate more bundles I have saved the requests I couldn't fill and will let
those people know that they are available.

Now let me say this: The AAPA is a wonderful organization. It is about more
than "amateur journalism," although it's initial purpose (when it was
founded back in the 1930s) was to encourage young people in journalism and
printing. Membership today is somewhat (read: considerably)  less youthful
(although there is a movement to involve home schoolers). It is composed of
retired journalists, professional and hobby letterpress printers, and some
folks who are still doing commercial letterpress. For some reason, the older
members are unaware of the current interest and enthusiasm about
letterpress. At our last annual Oregon Delegation meeting, many older
members were whining about what was going to happen to their lifetime
accumulations of presses, type, furniture, and equipment when they're gone.

Folks - this is an Alexander's Library of knowledge, not to mention a wealth
of equipment. Some of these folks can tear down, service, rebuild, and
maintain presses....and do. They have rescued and refurbished many fine old
presses. They have "stuff" overflowing their premises. They are resource,
and a source.

All you gotta do is go find them.

My advice is to check out the AAPA website:

Requirements for membership are minimal. The cost is $15 per year ($17 for
two) and that basically covers the cost of mailing one of these wonderful
"bundles" to you once a month.  Take some time to look over the above
website: there are lots of links to useful information, suppliers, etc.

Go get 'em!! They're just a wonderful group of people with energy and
enthusiasm and rare good humor. In fact, if you check my much-neglected
Catablog: http://kirksbooks.blogspot.com/
there are two entries (read bottom to top if you want it to make sense) on
our recent Annual meeting and a visit to an "amateur" print shop. (I really
need to tend this blog more often - and to upgrade the appearance.)

I suspect that there are similar groups in other countries - check out your
own resources.

I'm not on the membership committee (or anything else) but I am concerned
about losing this human resource before they can pass along their wisdom,
not to mention their printing equipment which should go to loving hands and
not the dump.

All best, Lee
Lee Kirk
Cats are composed of Matter, Anti-Matter, and It Doesn't Matter
Catablog: http://kirksbooks.blogspot.com/

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