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Re: [BKARTS] Instructions for "homemade" book cloth sought

I know a lot of people like using the heat bondable, iron on membranes to make bookcloth but I found it made the cloth thick and I did not like working with it. I much prefer mounting fabric to a medium weight Japanese paper, such as mulberry paper, and then using that for bookbinding.

I like to do it on a plate glass window (I use the sliding patio doors), but you can do it flat on a table or floor also. Glass works best.

I downloaded the instructions here that are the basis of what I did:
The Use of Friction Mounting as an Aid to Pressing Works on Paper

The way I did it was similar, I think (it was a while ago) I sprayed water on the glass and pressed the mounting paper onto the window, spraying with more water and smoothing it flat. Then I brushed on wheat paste and spread the other paper (another Japanese paper) on the pasted paper and smoothed it all out with a brayer or stiff brush. Let dry, then cut off of window (mine just pulled itself off) when dry. The mounting paper should be a inch or so larger on all sides that the paper or cloth to be mounted.


Can anyone recommend some books/websites/other documentation that could
describe how one can make book cloth from various kinds of fabric, in
hobbyist language?

I have read the short essay on this topic on page 368 of Keith Smith and
Fred Jordan's book, _Sewn and pasted cloth and leather bookbinding for
book artists requiring no special tools or equipment_, where Keith
describes a process of gluing text-weight paper to a piece of fabric.
The description is good, but I need a bit more detail on how this is
done, and specific types of fabric and paper that are good to use in
such a process. I'm very much a book arts rookie, and though I am
slowly learning the trade jargon, instructions in more "average jane"
language would be helpful to me in getting started.

Thanks in advance for your help! :o)


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