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Re: [BKARTS] acidity of milk

Using Bookkeeper spray sounds like a much easier way to deacidify the
Artistamp paper. It is certainly more expensive than milk, but if you're
going to be using a lot of that paper, it might be worth buying some for
the convenience. The stuff dries almost instantly and doesn't warp the

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 22:40:27 -0500 J Godsey <gods1216@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Okay - 
> So, I was ph testing the dry-gummed Artistamp paper from 
> theolatheposte.com
> (the kind used for bookplates and bookseller trade tags)
> The paper came out neutral and the dry gum came up slightly acidic.
> Bob from Olathe Poste suggested wetting the gum with milk to 
> counteract the acidity.
> Sounds loigical
> But my initial gut feeling is not to put food on books but what do I 
> know?
> I toss this suggestion to the troops for opinions.
> j. godsey
> 14 pleasant st
> methuen, ma 01844
> Unbound: Book Repair for Booksellers.
> Book Deodorizer - the guaranteed solution. 
> http://www.bibliophilebullpen.com/

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