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Re: [BKARTS] printing on cloth

Hi Marnie,

The way I print onto cloth through an inkjet printer is to first to treat the fabric with Bubble Jet Set so that the inkjet ink will permanently bond to the fabric. This is a liquid that is available online, at some fabric stores, etc.

The instructions are very simple: soak the fabric in Bubble Jet Set for the prescribed amount of time, let dry in the drippings (so the fabric has the solution evenly distributed throughout). You need to rinse the fabric after all of this to remove the excess ink that is in it and then let it dry again. Next iron the fabric onto the shiny side of freezer paper. That shiny side is saran (like saran wrap) and melts enough to hold the fabric in place and at the same time provide enough body for it to go through the printer without jamming.
Cut the now papered fabric into 8.5" x 11" so it will go through the printer. Take extra care to make sure that there aren't any wayward threads because they'll ruin your printer for you by wrapping around the mechanism that moves the paper along. The paper pick ups in printers are sensitive.

You can make these up ahead of time and store them until you're ready to use them, no problem. I've stored and printed on fabric I've pre-treated for as long as a year so far and it worked just fine.

Different fabrics and different printers produce different results as far as color saturation, clarity of image, etc. so experimentation is sometimes required - however, I was successful first time and haven't run into any problems at all.

A possible resource is www.dharmatrading.com They usually cover all things fiber related for artists.

A great resource for usable, copyright free images is Diva d'Este online (www.divasdeste.com).

Also Dover Publications (ww.doverpublications.com) has images of fabrics, etc. in their royalty free image collections but they do have specified intent for use limitations. I have had great results with any questions I had from them. They're extremely responsive and a fair minded company, too. They do offer free clip art on their website!

Good luck and have fun -


Date:    Mon, 4 Dec 2006 09:10:50 EST
From:    Marnie Reed  Crowell <MRCrowell@xxxxxxx>
Subject: printing on cloth

The recent book cloth thread has been interesting. Now how about telling me
the best way to put that book cloth through my Epson ink jet printer? Either
the homemade book cloths or some favorite commercial kind? I am interested in
the whole spectrum from near photo quality to just nice patterns or ways to
print titles and author.

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