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[BKARTS] typeholders

P&S Engraving offers a continental style typeholder which is supplied with spacers, thus able to hold point sizes from 8 to 18.
I really like the size and weight of these and prefer them over the clunkier (modern) English style typeholders.  I think, for example, that the "super rapid self centering typeholder" is really excessively bulky and heavy.  But, if you need to use something larger than 18 point type then you will have to use that or (I prefer) the standard English spring typeholders.
With the continental pallets you need several holders to work with because they are only 3.5 inches wide. (Though the modern English type holders are only 4 inches).  Not a problem if you wish to set only one or maybe two lines of type in the pallet.  But, If you are doing several lines of titling with a large point size you can't beat the old style English pallets (the ones that are about 8 inches long).  With those you can set several lines of type, side by side, with some decent space between them, and just heat one tool for the whole title.
Only the "super rapid" is self centering, to my knowledge.  But that is, in my opinion, a useless feature.  It adds far too much weight and only saves you a moment of adding some quads to fill out the line a bit.
What is best?  It just depends on how you work and what you get used to, I think.
Jeff Altepeter

Jeffrey Altepeter, Bookbinder
1 Fitchburg Street, Studio B156
Somerville, MA 02143

Peter Krantz wrote:


Does anyone have experience with European - style typeholders over and 
above the English - style typeholders?

We use the regular, English style here in our workshop, but we are 
considering buying a European - style self-centring one.  However, they 
appear to be limited in their use, that is, each typeholder appears to 
be made for one size of type only, having only one tightening screw. 
Whereas, the English style, which have two tightening screws, giving the 
tightening effect at 90 degrees to each other, is designed to fit many 
sizes of type.

Can anyone advise please?  What is the preference, when given the 

Thank you.

Peter Krantz
Book Restorations

Tel. (02) 9416.9900

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