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[BKARTS] Last chance to see EXALTED TRASH

This week is your last chance to see the exhibition "EXALTED TRASH" at
Columbia College Chicago's Center for Book & Paper Arts.

Paper is cheap, abundant and disposed of almost too easily.  Patrick Miceli
deals with fast food packaging one of the most pervasive uses of our
culture¹s use of this resource.  As such, it is a relic left in the wake of
our consumer society.  Each of four installations use their own format or
strategy to take recognizable materials and recontextualize them. Each scrap
of paper can be seen as an archeological keepsake or fetish item.

Paris-based artist Bruno Richard has been publishing books and magazines of
graphic drawings, text and photo-based work since the late 1970s.  He and
Marc Fischer, Chicago-based artist and member of the groups, Temporary
Services and Mess Hall, have engaged in mail correspondence since 1998,
resulting in a mountainous barrage of detritus that Fischer has received
from Richard.  Fischer¹s archives of Richard¹s multitudinous mailed packages
have swelled beyond reason.  The scraps of paper that provide the source
material for Richard¹s work, give the impression of a manic energy.  This
is, however, a controlled concern with one¹s obsessions; an aesthetic
contrivance that has not lost its authenticity.

Marc Fischer be giving a talk at the space this Friday, December 8th at 6:30
PM. Come on by, see the show, and pick up a free booklet that he made with

LOCATION: 1104 S. Wabash, 2nd floor
EXHIBITION CLOSES December 9, 2006
Free and Open to the Public.
HOURS 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturdays

Bruno Richard has been publishing uncompromising books and magazines of
graphic drawings, text, and photo-based work since 1976. Long working under
the sarcastically chosen name Elles Sont de Sortie (roughly translated: the
girls are going out), Richard collaborated with the late artist Pascal Doury
(b. 1956) until his death in 2001. Richard continues to work under the
E.S.D.S. imprint on his own.

I first contacted Bruno about 9 years ago - wanting to see more of his work,
which has always been very hard to find. We began corresponding and
exchanging materials. Nine years later, our friendship continues and forms
the basis of this exhibition. Bruno sends me packages that are great in
size, number, and impact. The piles of paper he sends me from his art and
life provide the main source material for this exhibition.

In his books, Bruno pokes at taboo subjects from suicide and torture to
interracial sex, bodily functions, health problems, and the discomfort
people feel talking about how much money they make and how they spend it. He
makes diaries that include every film he has seen, what medications he is
on, and other revealing lists. Privacy is generally thrown out the window; I
know that anything I mail Bruno may be shared with others, more in a spirit
of openness and generosity than an attempt to cause deliberate discomfort.

This is the largest exhibit of Bruno Richard's work that has been presented
in the United States. It is a deliberately impure presentation that includes
not just completed books, but also rough drafts and detritus from Richard's
everyday life. The show also includes a number of my own thematically
related works, publications, binders of photo comparisons, and printed
ephemera that I've made during the years of our friendship.

Also, in case you missed it, here's an article on the show that Liz
Armstrong wrote in the Chicago Reader:

Marc Fischer be giving a talk at the space this Friday, December 8th at 6:30
PM. Come on by, see the show, and pick up a free booklet that he made with

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