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Re: [BKARTS] Choice of Digital Camera

Hello book folk,

On Dec 8, 2006, at 9:00 PM, BOOK_ARTS-L automatic digest system wrote:

I would recommend the Panasonic Lumix series.

Thanks to everyone who has been posting their digital camera preferences. I too have been looking around for a good digital camera, and have almost settled on the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50. It is not a small point and shoot though, it is heftier and has a super zoom Leica lens which is more zoom than I need but the camera has lots of other features I like. I have an old Olympus C3000 which has taken some great pictures for me and also taught me a lot about how to take pictures. So the new camera must have some manual features so that I can tweak in Shutter or Aperture priority modes. I absolutely want this camera to be able to take good closeups of my book work and other artwork. Many of the point-and-shoot cameras don't have f-stops above 3 or 4 and as I understand it the higher f- stops will be the smaller aperture necessary for a good depth of field. Other things I want in a camera: a swivel LCD screen (I have gotten used to framing my shots in the LCD, but when it is on a tripod, my old neck gets in a kink trying to see the LCD, so a flip LCD that I can see from different angles would make my life much easier); an optional grid on the LCD to aid in framing and getting the shot straight; RAW format (I have gotten used to doing post- processing in Photoshop before having slides made and don't like even the little bit of compression in a JPEG); a timer or cable release to be able to take the picture without camera shake.

I would be interested in any other suggestions people here might have, since you are probably using a camera for the same purpose I am, to take high quality pictures of books, so the macro feature is a must. I was considering the Lumix LX2, but I'm pretty attached to the idea of having a swivel LCD. The Canons which all have the swivel LCDs only offer JPEG pictures. On my old Olympus I could take TIFF format and I'm pretty attached to that for being able to generate high quality slides.

Another good website with camera reviews is http://www.imaging- resource.com/

Thanks for all your informative posts!



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