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[BKARTS] Manolo Blahnik A Book Artist?

FYI: I thought list members may be interested in this press release that I stumbled upon at AbeBooks.com:
(Link: http://www.abebooks.com/docs/CompanyInformation/PressRoom/penguin-auction.shtml)

For immediate release

( Victoria, BC - 4 December 2006) Legendary shoe designer Manolo Blahnik has given the French classic novel Madame Bovary a stunning makeover and a unique signed copy will be auctioned online from December 11 to 13 by AbeBooks.com and Penguin Classics.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Penguin Classics asked Blahnik along with fashion designer Paul Smith, photographer and video artist Sam Taylor-Wood, architect Ron Arad and graphic designers Fuel to create new editions of timeless novels.

* Paul Smith selected Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence;
* Sam Taylor-Wood selected Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald;
* Ron Arad selected The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky;
* Fuel (Stephen Sorrell & Damon Murray) selected Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Penguin published 1000 limited numbered copies of each book. No.1 from each series has been signed by its respective designer and all five unique signed copies will be available to the highest bidder through a traditional auction staged online at AbeBooks.com - the world's largest online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books.

The shoe designer, adored by celebrities and the Sex In The City characters, decorated the jacket of Gustave Flaubert's novel with his own original painting of Emma in the hotel with her lover.

He said: "I wanted to come up with something light, sensual? something frivolous, because this is a novel about the dangers of frivolity. And I wanted something sexy too, cheeky. I usually focus on one part of the foot ? the shoe. For this, I had to consider a whole scene, there had to be a context, which is new for me. But I managed to sneak in a pair of shoes anyway. She wore good shoes."

Stocks of the Penguin Designer Classics, priced at $200 each, have almost sold out. All proceeds from the auction will go to EnglishPEN ? an international charity devoted to author's rights and freedom in literature.

More details about the books and the auction can be found at:


Lady Chatterley's Lover features a flower design. Tender is the Night uses a black and white image of an elegant young man with his hands in his pockets. The Idiot has no cover so the reader will pick it up and read the author's first words. Its text appears to move when viewed through its transparent slipcase. Crime and Punishment features distinctive Cyrillic and English type.


Wonder why Penguin asked a shoe designer, a fashion designer, photographer and video artist to "create new editions of timeless novels" instead of commissioning book artists? I'm glad that Penguin thought to commission the creation of these new editions, but wish they had given the opportunity to book artists. Comments?

I'm still mostly a lurker and not a book artist (yet) but interested in book arts and concerned about the perception and promotion of book arts and book artists.

Now I want to see a major shoe design firm celebrate their anniversary by commissioning some book artists to design a new look for some classic shoe designs.

---- Karen Runnels

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