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Re: [BKARTS] seeking suggestions text-based books


Please provide more information about your presentation: what it is and where is it going to take place, and in what context?

Several of my books are geared toward visualization of the textual content. -I Wish She Was Dead- is my latest example of such approach, albeit, not illustrative one.
<http://www.elkadesigns.com/resources/Portf_Boo_pages/ Portf_Boo_Abuse4.html>

• Some Useless Typographic Images-the approach here is illustrative:
<http://www.elkadesigns.com/resources/Portf_Boo_pages/ Port_Boo_Poems4.html>

• Self-Individuation Process-this one is a mix of illustrative and interpretive typography.
<http://www.elkadesigns.com/resources/Portf_Boo_pages/ Port_Boo_IndivL2.html>
<http://www.elkadesigns.com/resources/Portf_Boo_pages/ Port_Boo_IndivR1.html>

If any of these examples would work for you, please let me know.
elka kazmierczak

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