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Hello all, and the very best of the season to all of you.
I don't really know any of you very well and I've had only very small dealings, emails aside, with most of you.
I enjoy this list serve very much because of how informative and amiable it is.
I used to belong to a Typographic and a Letterpress list serve which had many wonderful participants and offered very insightful information.
Sadly I no longer belong to them, mostly because they departed from their modus operandi and descended into executions of character and petty banter, something I've found most people on this list to be above .
To be honest, while fascinating as it is to reduce someone publicly or to act as a voyeur in the process, I don't really care who has done what to whom or why, even if it has to do with the book arts.
I appreciate the warnings from those of you who are in the know and feel much safer now that these characters and your experiences with them have been exposed. Truly I feel your pain and indignation, as I'm sure that those of you who were wronged suffered horribly and likely will bear those scars forever; likewise, I feel for the castigated wrongdoer shunned by his peers. It is all very tragic and colourful and I personally have learned a great deal from this - much of which I neither needed to nor wanted to know.
It would make an admirable novel I don't doubt.
Perhaps, though, in Holiday Spirit and all that, we could set aside these barbs and ringing character endorsements for something a little closer to the proposed use of this forum.
I myself, for what it is humbly worth, would prefer an animated discussion on the keen nature of the German Zigzag End paper and it clever way of hiding the hook.
Or perhaps a lively debate on the advantages/disadvantages of various Japanese papers for stretch drying.
While less titillating, it is at least closer to the supposed reason why this list serve exists.
Again I wish ALL OF YOU the very best of the season.
May your insights be Merry & Bright, and may all your postings be light.
Brian Maloney

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