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[BKARTS] Erasing or altering commercially printed text

Edward asked:
"Anyone have any ideas on ways to erase (or at least disfigure) text from book pages? By this I mean mass-market publications (like the latest Stephen King tome, for example)."

Interesting topic to me, because when we repair books at my research library we see there are many different ways students can remove or "alter" commercial printing:
Scented bath oil (seen in book dropped in the bathtub, another case where it apparently spilled directly on book)
Body oil or lotions
Shampoo or conditioner ("exploded in suitcase", got all over book)
Acid ("had the book propped in the Chemistry fume hood so could read the directions while performing the experiment")
Perfume (alcohol content, or the oil?)
Ethanol (likely in the form of EverClear grain alcohol at a frat event, smelled distinctly of fruit punch)
Puppies ("the new dog licked the page so much.....")

Obviously every book is printed with different ink on different paper, so sometimes the above "treatments" don't seem to cause much damage....er, altering ... of the printed word.

Just some suggestions,

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