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Re: [BKARTS] Making cover for 26x38" book

On Dec 20, 2006, at 8:39 PM, Michael Andrews wrote:

Plywood is ideal for flat and light.
As far as I know there is no known method fro isolating the acids and oils of the wood from the cloth and paper, other than building sandwiches from a plastic like Mylar.
............ I would love to feel comfortable about using plywood.

The making of boards for a large book has been an interesting discussion.
I have two suggestions:
1) Many years ago, the late Paul Banks was confronted with a similar challenge at Chicago's Newberry Library. If I remember correctly, I think that he and Gary Frost made a type of honey-comb or corrugated board. It would seem to me that one could cross-laminate layers of (acid-free) corrugated board, and add strips of binder board around the perimeter to improve the edge strength. These components could be could be sandwiched between sheets of binder board. It would be quite rigid, yet light, but might be too expensive to construct.
2) As suggested, the use of plywood seems to be an easy solution.
To counteract the concern of the wood itself, it would seem that the plywood could be wrapped with good, well-sized, acid-free paper that is adhered with PVA. The PVA would bond nicely to the wood, and should form a good barrier against any undesirable chemical movement. The paper would then be a good surface for any book covering materials.
Note that I suggested wrapping the plywood --- the paper should turn-in over the edge of the plywood for maximum benefit, and that opposite surface should be infilled with the same paper to maintain a flat board. It is very important to use the same adhesive and the same number of layers for both surfaces, otherwise the board (the plywood) will 'pull'.
Bill Minter

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