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Re: [BKARTS] Making cover for 26x38" book

Below is a bibliography which I posted on the list in June of 2000, that 
contains literature about the problems encountered using wood in library and 
museum collections.   The main point is that there is no way to effectively seal 
wood to completely prevent acids from migrating.   Plywood has its own extreme 
problems in regard to chemicals used for its fabrication.   As I recall, the 
plywood formulated for outdoor use is more stable than that made for indoor use.

Perhaps there has been some improvement in the fabrication of plywood since I 
last explored this subject (and if so, please post it), but if not, I would 
recommend Gary Frost's solution (previously mentioned by Bill Minter) of using 
an alkaline corrugated core with non-wood alkaline boards adhered to it if you 
are interested in protecting the contents of the book from eventual acidic 

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Nancy H. Nitzberg
Elkins Park, PA

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