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Re: [BKARTS] Appropriate Use of Toluene

        I have been waging an ongoing battle with the chemiphobes on this list, 
for example, the woman who went outside to use a magic marker because the ink 
contains toluene.  I have tried to stress the fact that there are reasonable 
concerns and there are unreasonable concerns.  I view the DMS as an alarmist 
document, whose purpose is to serve the legal agenda of manufacturers and 
distributors of products containing chemicals, not as a document which will 
make anyone safer.  Look at the description of household bleach.  It reads like 
a chemical warfare agent.
     Nevertheless, it seems to me the situation you are in calls for reasonable 
concern.  I would take action, and address your concerns to your coworker.  
There is a phenomena called in French la belle indifference, in which people 
working with chemicals become desensitized to their dangers.  This phenomena 
cost the lives (from oatmeal cell type lung cancer) of a number of Rohm and 
Hass workers several years ago.   They were working with bischlormethyl ether 
(ugly stuff) with their safety masks dislodged and laughingly coughing as they 
inhaled the stuff,

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