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Re: [BKARTS] Ehon... and journeying into the book

Dear Lee,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was particularly intrigued by
the description of the deliberate lengths artists would go to in order to
facilitate a journey into the space of the book for their readers. (And a
sense of a destination when they were 'there').The architectural metaphor
the NYPL piece used was interesting, too, maybe reflecting something about
how societies think about public and private spaces (arguably book space
might be, at different times and in different books, both?), and I'm going
to see about finding out more detail about this practice in Ehon.

But I'm also interested in how others think about the transition between the
outside and inside of the book. Some questions on the topic might include-
What do we, as readers, take with us into the book? What can we do as
makers, authors and artists (or what you will) to accomplish this
sense of somewhere
else? What sorts of rhetoric, visual or tactile or written, do we emply?

How do we make places to go to in our books?

Thanks again for the beautiful and thought-provoking link.

Andrew Eason

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