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Re: [BKARTS] Gild lines without stamps?


thanks for your answers, but I think, this won't work. I know the Ascona Tool, but I believe, it is made to make an impressions to the leather, not to gild it. The tool has to be slid across the leather, and this won't work, because I have to apply fly gold leave. Aside from that there are a lot of onlays which are framed by the lines, so I need to see the lines.
Is there any cold tooling technique I cold use? What kind of glue would I need to apply to stick the gold to the leather?


Signa Houghteling:
Have you heard of the Ascona Tool?  P & S makes a splendid one.  It is a
gilding tool for free lines.  Firmly attach a copy of your drawing (on
something like vellum-paper) to the cover,  over gold printing tape, and
with small lines--so that the tool remains hot enough to be effective--draw
your way through it.  There are numerous mistakes to be made along the way,
but trial and error, trial and error and steady as you go.  You may decided
finally that going the regular way with all those gouges is actually easier.


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Hi and happy new year!

Is there any way to gild curved lines, when the gouges don't fit? I
would like to reproduce a drawing on a leather coverd book without
simplifying the lines and I don't want to use painted gold.

Any idea?


Florian Wolper

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