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Re: [BKARTS] Review: "The Artist and the Book in Japan"

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> The
> catalogue
> colors are somewhat muted, but that is because the colors in the books
> themselves, for the most part, are vegetable or mineral dyes,
> largely muted
> in their palate.

I received my catalog just today, after reading Mr. Werner's
comments....Having glanced through it only briefly (and having some
experience with older Japanese prints, album pages, etc.) I was not
disappointed by the soft, muted tones in many of the older pieces. Some more
modern ones seem to have adequate color to convey the Idea of the thing.
Although color reproduction these days is poor compared to what one
encountered in the mid-1950s, for example. Rather like digital music:
somehow today's reproduction lacks the depth of overtones and undertones
that is also the case with digitally-recorded music. (Sounds hard and brassy
to me.)

I also sent Mr. Werner's essay along to my grandson, with whom I discussed
the exhibit while he was at home from NYU and he expressed interest in going
to see it. (He's a TA in comparative lit, so it's a subject that interests
him.) I thought it was interesting to read this other view on the exhibit -
which I might well disagree with were I able to see it for myself - in view
of the fact that everyone else who has seen it so far has been quite swoony
with appreciation, or has voiced an awareness of the cultural gaps in being
able to appreciate some of the nuances.

"Discussion" and the exchange of ideas, the sharing of perspectives, is
always welcome to me. I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend
your right to say it (politely of course). ;-)

Respectfully, Lee

Lee Kirk
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