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Re: [BKARTS] curved gilt lines

Try a farthing wheel, Florian. A very small wheel, more or less the size of the old English farthing coin, which will roll - like a traditional fillet, but is small enough in diameter to have a very shallow turning radius. You may have to use several gouges - same point size, of course - where the curve is smaller than 110 degrees - just a numerical guess. Try to put your gouges in first and put them in flatly - don't rock them. Then 'roll' up to and into the edge of the gouge impressions. Otherwise, your overall impressions will be choppy.

Once you've lightly blinded in, just paste wash, and glaire up as usual, but in my experience you don't want to do the whole board. All the moisture in your leather will be gone by the time you're half- way finished, and your glair will be useless. (Assuming you're using egg albumen.) Break up the tooling into sections. You'll probably want something like a 3/4 point-sized wheel, but you'll have to be careful with such fine line. Very light, but firm pressure, or your impression will be far too deep or even cut through the leather. The old finishers used to say, enough pressure to equal one and one-half to two times the weight of the tool - and I think they meant minus the handle!

Practice on something else besides your book - particularly if you're in an onlay/inlay situation. Balancing that 3/4 point, or even larger, line on the edge of an inlay/onlay requires a deft, practiced hand.

Call Roy Petit or Brian Skilton at P & S Engraving. They can make you one at any diameter you want.



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Date:    Tue, 2 Jan 2007 10:49:45 +0100
From:    "f.wolper" <f.wolper@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Gild lines without stamps?

Hi and happy new year!

Is there any way to gild curved lines, when the gouges don't fit? I
would like to reproduce a drawing on a leather coverd book without
simplifying the lines and I don't want to use painted gold.

Any idea?


Florian Wolper

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