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Re: [BKARTS] 8 Century Psalter found in a bog in Ireland

Traditionaly, vellum is considered to be made from calfskin and parchment from sheep. However, it is my understanding that, due to the difficulty of determining the animal from which it was made, paleographers currently use the term "membrane."

If I''m mistaken, I hope Paul will correct me!


On Jan 6, 2007, at 4:08 AM, f.wolper wrote:

Hi Myrna,

Neither parchment nor vellum are tanned. It is just dehumidified and scraped skin. The difference between parchment and vellum usually is the thickness and the surface. There are some very rare manuscripts, written on a vellum made of stillborn animals, which is even softer and thinner than the normal vellum, but it is still made without tanning process.
In the National Museum of Cairo you can find a scroll of tanned "parchment", it is a mixture of leather and parchment, but it dates from about 2000 B.C.


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