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Re: [BKARTS] review: "The Artist and the Book in Japan"

Then what would you propose? I agree that books are made to be held, but once a book reaches a certain level of age, scarcity, desirability, and/or fragility, display in some kind of protective environment is the only option if you want to share them with the public. Because they are so beautiful, so rare, so desirable, books have market value, often very high market value; and their importance as cultural objects means that handling must necessarily be limited. The role of a library, or indeed any place that undertakes to display books, is to balance access with preservation. As imperfect as they may be, glass cases protect books from theft, and from damage. No glass cases, no exhibits; and then only the lone scholar, or the wealthy collector, will ever get to enjoy "the spirit and beauty of this genre of art."

At 01:57 AM 1/6/2007, you wrote:
I agree with Mr Werner's essential esthetic: book art exhibitions where books are displayed in cases is antithetical to the spirit and beauty of this genre of art. Books are made to be held, not placed under glass or up on a wall like bug and butterfly specimens.

Norman Shapiro, book artist

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