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Re: [BKARTS] James Castle Exhibition

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> Trusky
> "James Castle:  From Icehouse Unto Early Attic," the Idaho Center for
> the Book travelling exhibition of works by self-taught and likely
> autistic Idaho artist/bookmaker (1899-1977), opens January 16th at the
> Holter Museum of Art in Helena, MT.  Curated by Tom Trusky, the
> exhibition runs through April 21st.
**Castle was an amazing "raw" artist. Mr. Trusky was too modest to post the
link to the exhibit:
Which shows some of the setup process.

Or his interesting article:

Castle's artworks and "artist's books" are truly authentic, with no artifice
and no preconceptions....the kind of impulse that makes children's art so
appealing if they have not been subjected to concepts of "right" and "wrong"
ways of making art.


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