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Re: [BKARTS] using a Kwikprint machine

> 	FIRST: the thermometer which is built into the typeholder is next to
> useless.  I purchased, again through EBAY, a thermocouple which attaches
> via a small bud directly to the type holder, and which registers
> digitally the temperature.  A very useful (and inexpensive) piece of
> equipment.  Different foils require different application temperatures.
> 	SECOND:  before using the machine, the pitch and the yaw of the type
> holder should be carefully adjusted.  There are screws to do this, and
> its fairly straightforward.  I used a reliable level.

I, too, have noticed that the temperture controller on the Kwikprint is
"useless". My Kwikprint has sat on the shelf for a long time because of my
failure to work out the temperature differences. Your suggestion of using
a "thermocouple" was wonderful. So, I went to ebay to look for a
thermocouple. Wow! there are a bunch of different kinds. Which kind do you

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