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Re: [BKARTS] Kwikprint platen alignment

I've been using a Kwikprint model 55 for about ten years, to hotfoil stamp 
the covers of my books.  I like to stamp both the cover and the  spine, which 
requires that the print head be rotated 90 degrees.  Rotatingthe print head 
requires resetting the alignment between the platen and the printhead.

The alignment of the printhead and the platen is critical to achieve high 
quality hot foil stamping.  

After a time, I finally figured out a quick and easy method of accomplishing 

1) loosen all of the nuts on the bottom of the platen.  (I changed these nuts 
to wing nuts, which made the process much easier.)

2) place a square piece of brass between the printhead (with the type 
installed) and the platen and then lower down the press on the piece of square brass 
and, at the same time lift the platen up (with your hand) from the bottom, 
pressing it up towards the printhead.  With the platen and printhead pressed 
together, tighten the platen screws.

3) Check the platen alignment by pressing the printhead against the square 
brass and look for light between the type face and the brass.

4) repeat steps 1 and 2 for fine alignment, but just loosen the screws a 
little less.

The idea is to force the platen and printhead into alignment and then use the 
platen screws to hold that alignment in place. Normally, it will only take me 
a minute or two to get perfect alignment.  Once perfect alignment is 
achieved, most print problems seem to go away.

DT Fletcher

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