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[BKARTS] Removing adhesive from spine

I just bought a 2003 edition of the Britannica, former library copy.
I would like to remove the library stickers from the spine. There are white
standard address-type labels with the volume information and they are
covered with a translucent (not transparent) tape. The tape is plastic and a
bit stretchy. 
Both stickers and tape leave nasty sticky residue on the spine of the book.
I tried a bit of rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip to remove the sticky residue.
The adhesive residue did not come off but the gold letters on the spine and
the spine color itself started to fade so I quit. 

I hesitate to use anything stronger because I don't want to damage the
books. Any suggestions?
I am not a book professional, just a book lover but I know a bit about any
product that has to do with printmaking and art in general.

Thanks in advance,

    Maria Arango

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