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Re: [BKARTS] silk endpapers


For endpapers you can skip a step. Once you have the adhesive on the fabric, trim to proper size and lay in position and iron. The adhesive will bond the fabric to the board, No need for a paper liner and no need for wet glue!

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Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 18:09:00 -0500 From: Jet Wimp <bolu.bolu@xxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: silk endpapers

A question was raised in this group about a sitable method for
transforming silk fabric into endpapers for binding.
I have long used a traditional method of converting both rayon, silk
and other fabrics into bookcloth by ironing on an acrylic adhesive paper
(I use Heat n Bond Lite, 5 yd rolls, joann.com distributors).
The adhesive paper is ironed, rough side down, onto the fabric with a
warm iron (nylon setting), removed, and then archival tissue is ironed
onto the exposed adhesive. The fabric is turned over and ironed lightly
to remove any remaining wrinkles. This technique produces excellent
results. I have used this method hundreds of times on all conceivable
fabrics, even heavy brocades.
I wondered whether I could use the method to produce silk endpapers. I
proceeded as usual, except, in the place of archival tissue, I ironed
onto the adhesive a Strathmore buff colored artist's paper, 100 gsm.
The results seem to me to be superb. The adhesive does not penetrate
the paper nor the fabric, and the result has just the right heft for
endpapers. One can play around, using any of a number of hued artist's
papers, and. of course, other fabrics, and one can use thinner paper, if
desired. However, I believe a necessary quality of the paper used is
that it be opaque.
I would be interested to learn of others' expereinces with this method.


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