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[BKARTS] Removing adhesive from spine

Hi Maria,
Starting from the beginning. No need to separate covering tape from label; best to leave them together. If the tape extends around the hinges and over the covers. take a single edge razor or something similar and slit the tape vertically right at the margins of the label or right at the hinge. Don't remove the tape from the label. The tape will add strength and you want the label to come off in one piece. Leave the tape on the covers for the moment.
As J. Godsey said, heat will do the trick. You can buy an iron or just use an ordinary clothing iron as I have for many years. I can't tell you where to set it but just keep increasing the temp and testing it on the label. When you can pull a corner back easily, slowly begin to PEEL (not pull) the label back across the spine and parallel to the remaining label, and off. If you feel resistance stop and add more heat.
If the temp is right the adhesive will remain on the label and not on the book, though you might have some residue. Always best to start with the weakest solvent: water. That probably won't work, and neither will alcohol, so you can mix up a solvent solution using almost any household detergent (without bleach) and water. Use a Q-tip and give it time to work. If it seems to work, twirl the Q-tip as you remove the remainder. You'll have to use several Q-tips or the result will be simply to smear the residue around. When done rinse the area with water on a Q-tip.
If still unsuccessful, you may have to go to something stronger. Ace Hardware sells Toluol which will take just about anything off, but it's highly toxic (toluene) so while applying with a Q-tip, be careful not to inhale it or get it on your skin. Then rinse the surface with water on a Q-tip.
You should be able to remove the tape remaining on the covers by lifting corners and slowly PEELING back parallel to the remaining tape. Then remove any residue the same way.
This is the advice of an amateur, but one who has done it many times.
Richard Adamiak

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