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Re: [BKARTS] Old Photos / Old Photo Albums

J and Susan,
I would not use any heat near old photos. It often turns the silver oxide black

J Godsey wrote:
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Hi Susan,
that black paper is very weak when damp or wet while usually old photographs are impervious to water. You would have to test it, of course, but I would start with one of the least valuable photos and see if dampening the paper would allow it to be removed from the paper. Of course this destroys the black paper.

Try heat from the REVERSE side. If there is any moisture in the rubber cement left, it should loosen it up. If it is some sort of animal glue it will also loosen it. If it is a gummed paste you may have to try water on a paint brush under the edges, but I haven't found paste to work well on pictures.

Otherwise Bestine Rubber Cement Thinner from the reverse side or around the edges with a q-tip - which isn't non-toxic.

Quilting irons sell for 12-20 bucks, are about the size of a soldering iron and and fit in your tool kit.
They have small heads for getting into tight spots and adjustable thermostats to control your heat.
When removing anything try it first. There is no excuse not to have one.


Susan wrote:
Does anyone know of a nontoxic way to remove old
photographs from the
black paper pages of old photo albums?


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