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Re: [BKARTS] Gold leaf

Thank you, Florian. Just what we needed to hear - your experience with the gold.

From what you say, it is obviously not beaten to the same fine requirements as it is in the West, since it is used only for decorations on icons, etc.




Hi Shastra,

I bought one Ebay once gold leaves from Thailand, but I definitely won't
do this again. The gold has a lot of holes, is a lot more delicate than
the regular leaves and is very bumpy because the gold is inserted into
rough paper. This is why it is not suited for edge gilding. It could be
used for gilding impressions on leather but, as I said, it is very
difficult and time consuming to handle it.

Hope, this helps



Can anyone advise on the quality of the 100% gold leaf used for Buddhist
offerings. This gold is available in small pieces (about 1.5 inches
square), in booklets. Plenty offered on eBay, and significantly

Would it be suitable for bookbinding finishing work?



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