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[BKARTS] Shakespeare's grave

I'm researching for a drama about Shakespeare's grave and I'm wondering if anyone on the list could help with this query. It's said that a copy of all of Shakespeare's plays was buried with him. Probably untrue, but supposing it was: a) what sort of condition would such an item be in now, 2007, and what would it look like if it could be seen? could the pages be turned etc? b) if the item was removed from the grave now could the plays be read by the naked eye? would there be an acceleration of the deterioration process or, conversely, would it be possible to 'save' the work from further deterioration?

I would be most grateful for any answers you could provide in the simplest of terminology - I have no technical expertise and would much appreciate layman's vocabulary.

David Williams
Tel 01434 607715

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