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[BKARTS] proprietary PVA and their sins

	The following quote, from the CONS Dist List, provides one example of
the perils of using proprietary PVA formulations:

 Vinamul3252 poly vinyl acetate/polyethylene copolymer stock
>    solution is soluble in water and acetone. It is a 57% solids
>    suspension in water: for practical purposes I regard this as
>    100% or 'full strength'. Once set it is partially soluble in
>    acetone.
>    I am informed by friends at the BM (British Museum) that recent
>    batches show browning of the stock solution and a tendency to
>    stain original material (a great sin!). It is suspected that the
>    formulation has been changed. 

Queries to the manufacturers of these adhesives, and I have tried, are
shunted off with the reply, "The formulation of XXXXX is proprietary."
It's not just a matter of a scrupulous conservationist evaluating the
formulation for archival qualities.  As the above example makes clear,
the composition of these products may change without warning.  What may
be perfectly safe today will, tomorrow, stain invaluable and
irreplaceable archival materials.  It's too bad something can't be done
about this situation.

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