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[BKARTS] Fwd: adhering laval bookcloth to wood

I'm new to working with exotic hardwoods alone, so this is quite an adventure I'm having. I am working on developing portfolios out of Padauk, a gorgeous African hardwood. The inside of the boards are lined with Laval bookcloth, to emulate suede and to cover and protect the hinge made also from Laval. The wooden boards are coated with three coats of polyurethane on both sides of each board.

Naturally, due to the fact that I'm trying to adhere something to one side and not the other, I'm finding in my prototypes some significant warping. I've been using a mixture of PVA and methyl cellulose to aid in working time, however I'm afraid that the moisture I'm introducing into the wood (since it is, still with the poly, not completely sealed) is causing my warping. Again, my knowledge of wood is very limited!!

Are there better adhesives out there for this application? Perhaps something dry? Perhaps something specifically for wood?
Do I try to seal the wood better or apply extra coats to the outside of the boards to try to counteract the adhesive pull on the inside?
Am I missing some variable entirely?


Micah Pulleyn

428 1/2 Haywood Road
Asheville, NC  28806
828-255-8444 - studio / gallery

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