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Re: [BKARTS] reversible, archival glues

I wouldn't include Animal Glue in "archival". It's a protein glue and is both water-soluble and thermoplastic, but it is acidic and breaks down itself and all materials it's in direct contact with in time. It's also prone to acid burn paper when used on turn-ins and such. There are no really great PVA's that I've used that are completely reversible. PVA is thermoplastic, but it's a nuisance to deal with in conservation. Great for the quick grab, though. Wheat Paste and other cellulose starches (like rice) are completely reversible and archival and stable.
Brian Maloney
Bookbinder & Conservator

Well, the obvious ones are wheat paste and hot glue--made from horses'
hooves or animal skins.  They've been used for centuries and survive and
continue to do their jobs pretty well over the time span.

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So, again, thanks for all the informative posts. Are there any tried- and-true glues that seem to have remained stable and archival? Are there ways of testing, accelerating aging conditions so you can anticipate what products will do over time? I hear good things about Jade. I had no idea there were so many different glues out there!



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