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[BKARTS] Wiki credibility

Last year, I read a critical article in a well known magazine that 
argued the Wikipedia could not a true creditable reference such as an 

>>I also read an article last year on wikipedia,

It's comparing Wiki to the Encyclopedia Britannica, they compared error
rates with Wiki having an average of just under 4 errors per article and
EB having just under 3 which doesn't sound much worse to me. 


A far to extensive stay in University taught me that once you are out of
your second year undergraduate you should never use any general source
material anyway - ditch the encyclopedias, compendiums and survey texts!
In eight years, the last four of which wiki was available, every
professor I had lived by that rule, even having such material in my
bibliography was circled.  

I personally think Wikipedia is a great resource, but I am sorry they
are thinking of cutting you Jules and hope that they reconsider. 


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