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hello everyone from Paper Dragon Bindery

hi guys ,

I wanted to email all of you ,and let you know that I
finally moved into my new place in Chelsea Manhattan.

The new bindery is spacious , fully equiped , on the
ground floor with huge windows onto the
street......it`s beautiful..so this now gives me a
chance to start the real mission of Paper Dragon
Books, that is
to provide a complimentary teaching service to that of
the centers , building on foundation bookbinding
skills, filling in the gaps,teaching more advanced
bookbinding for those who want to pursue a career , or
just build in their skills.  I, of course will be
teaching , but also, hope to
secure internationally acclaimed bookbinders each
season to teach courses .

This year my freinds Mark and Midori Cockram have
agreed to teach week-long and weekend courses in
advanced book decoration techniques.(These guys are
both fellows of Designer Bookbinders UK , and no
professional binder worth his/her salt should miss any
opportunity to study with them)Mark incidentally was
my first teacher
years ago...

For now I can tell you what I will be teaching, and of
course if you have any suggestions that it would be
good to get input....I shall be offering a Basic
Bookinbinding class too.  My experience  tells me that
I should slim the syllabus down and extend the course,
paying more attention to each book, so, full time
courses shall be extended by 2 weeks(6hours) , and
only concentrate on one book.

I`ll keep you posted on new courses such what mark and
midori shall be doing ,bye for now , and I also
attached a pic of the new place, come down and check
me out ,here is what I`m doing:




$500 - all costs include materials

running over 12 thursday nights

students will complete a folding islamic binding in
goatskin, sewing sections with a chain link
stitch,sewing chevrons, and paring leather to a
professional grade . Early Arabic Design will be
demonstrated, and techniques such as tooling in
gold/blind, and leather onlay/inlay, will be employed
. For those interested in historical binding and
getting more exp. refining bookbinding skills, this
has proved extremely useful.



$500, all costs inlcude matreials

running over 12 wednesday nights (6-9)

This course is geared towards people looking to
develop there skills as a fine bookbinder, and
complete fine bindings to a consistant and
professional level . Books will be sewn gilded,
covered in goatskin, and completed with traditional
titling and book decoration, in gold leaf.
Simply a must for those interested in making a



$500  , all costs inlude materials

running over 12 monday nights(6-9)

need a refresher on case binding?  Want to case in
your books without getting glue on the pages, make a
case with neater corners ??  Then this is it , No
bookbinder can be in business and not know how to
complete case bindings quickly easily, and without
blemish . We will also cover non-adhesive binding and
some simple enclosures...



$275 all costs include materials

This previously succesfull class is a simple intro. In
the sometimes fickle world of gold leaf finishing.
Students learn on the first day simple procedures in
covering goatskin plaquettes with a gold tooled border
design . The next day students will learn a simple
technique to complete a run-up full gilt spine in
calfskin . I found this information usefull in my
prof. development , and with a good grounding,
experimentation and practise are the secrets that will
make you competent finisher.

Taught by Sophia Kramer


$275  (Practice materials should be brought in)

Repairing damaged leather books can be a challenging
task for bookbinders. Learn rebacking of leather books
on a hollow and the tricky tightback in this weekend
intensive, which will cover spine cleaning and
relining, inner joint repairs, and corner
consolidation and repair. We will discuss issues
relating to leather, dyes, consolidants, adhesives,
and tools for lifting and paring.  Come with your
questions and books to practice on. Students should
bring to class four old leather bindings with loose
boards and/ or spines, or cracked joints. The books
should have intact sewing and sound leather (no red
rot). Remember that these books are intended for
practice, and shouldn't have any real value. 
Prerequisite: previous experience working with leather

All revenue generated by the classes will go towards
getting an abundance of fine materials and equipment,
and getting instructors from abroad to teach new and
exciting techniques. Paper Dragon is not non-profit ,
but we are interested in providing a service that
keeps the interest and practise of fine and design
alive and kicking, and I hope you can support us while
we do it!!

Thanks for reading the lengthy mailing, and come down
and see us regardless.

212 488 8100

GAVIN DOVEY started bookbinding in `98 under the
guidance of designer bookbinder, and fellow of
Designer Bookbinder UK Mark Cockram. He studied at the
London College of Printing, part of the London
Institute, for 3 years. Whilst at school, Gavin worked
as a bookbinder at the Wyvern Bindery until 2002,
learning a great deal about the practicalities of
running a succesfull bindery, under the guidance of
proprietor Mark Wynstanley. Since then he has worked
in a number of binderies across the UK, in all types
of capacities, and was lucky enough most recently to
work alongside designer binder and fellow of DB Paul
C.Delrue. Today Gavin,
founder of Paper Dragon Books in NYC, works as a
bookbinder, and continues to promote the use and
teaching of the best design and techniques Modern and
Historical Bookbinding has to offer. He teaches
courses in historical binding, modern design
binding,forwarding, and finishing at Paper Dragon
Books in  New York City and other places around the
United States.

SOPHIA KRAMER is a bookbinder, printmaker, and
conservator. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute in
Printmaking and Book Arts and an MA from Camberwell
College of Arts in Book Conservation. She has taught
workshops on the rebacking of books at Shepherds
Bookbinders in London, where she worked for four years
as a book conservator. She currently is a book
conservator at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

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