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[BKARTS] more questions!

Peter, can you please give instructions on how to use
the fresh food-grade gelatin for adhesive??  As an
aside, I recently ran out out of my prized no-cook
wheat paste from Daniel Smith and went to a
PVA-methylcellulose mix that I found VERY
unsatisfying! It took a good while for the tack to set
so I had to keep working the turn-ins to make them
stick, blarg! Maybe I didn't mix it properly for the
way I used it. Does the gelatin act anything like

Next question is... can anyone recommend a
cardstock/paper/etc that would make a sturdy covered
pocket inside a cover? A binder friend gave me a few
sheets of something he called 'flexboard' that was
reddish-pink in color, had a soft waffle texture,
about the weight of cardstock but softer with some
give to it. Does anyone know this product or a
supplier? Have a good substitute?

Also...a friend would like me to repair her book that
has family value, not commercial value. It needs many
pages guarded, to be resewn on tapes and have a cover
made. She understands that I am new at this and will
appreciate any work that makes this into a book to be
read again and wants to pay me for my work. My
question is how should I price it?? It will take many
hours and acquiring more materials to get it done. I'd
be most grateful for any suggestions!

As always, you all are the best!! THANKS for the
constant inspiration and education!!

-Carrie "Way Too Cold in Upstate New York" Valenzuela

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