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[BKARTS] COMM/ADVERTISING: FOR SALE: Book arts/history exhibition catalogs, magazines, books

All of these prices were below the price for used items from Amazon at the
time that I checked.  If you find a lower price elsewhere, I will be willing
to match it.  Additional savings will be available since I will be charging
an estimate of actual shipping charges instead of the commonly inflated
charges elsewhere.

All of the items are from a non-smoking home and are in like-new or nearly
like-new condition unless otherwise noted.  Prices do not include shipping
which will be charged as an estimate of the actual charges by media mail,
parcel post or priority mail as you choose.  Insurance is optional and will
not be included unless requested.  Please email me with any questions.



Margie Fenney


William Anthony, Fine Binder Exhibition Catalog   Edited by Lawrence Yerkes
List 39.00   Like New    35.00

Sam Fogg Chinese Books 2000     40.00

Sotheby?s Silver and Enamel Bindings 5-10-85  59 pp.   40.00

Sotheby?s Incunables from the Schoyen Collection  12-12-91  50 pp.    25.00

Sotheby?s The Wardington Library Bibles      22.00

Sotheby?s Library of the Earls of Macclesfield Removed From Shirburn Castle

Part Seven:  Bibles 1477-1739      4-11-06                   55.00

Sotheby?s Library of the Earls of Macclesfield Removed From Shirburn Castle
Theology:   42.00

----  BOOKS ----

Bookbinding 2000 Proceedings            16.00

Includes the following papers:  Coptic Bookbindings at the Pierpont Morgan
Library: Their History and Preservation by Deborah Evetts, Facsimile
Printing for Antiquarian Books by Bernard Middleton, Four Levels of Book Art
Making by Philip Smith, Women Bookbinders in Britain Before the First World
War by Marianne Tidcombe, The Preservation of Library Material in the
Electronic Age by Peter Waters, Influences on Sixteenth-Century English
Bookbinding by Mirjam Foot

Literacy Through The Book Arts     Paul Johnson      19.00

A Book of One's Own: Developing Literacy Through Making Books

(Cover a bit worn, some light browning)

Paul Johnson     19.00

Sculptural Bookmaking     Ann Ayers, Ellen Easterling     25.00

A small book of practical sewings by Richard W Horton   Unavailable   14.00

Notable Bindings   Jane Greenfield       Unavailable   25.00

Authentic Witnesses: Approaches to Medieval Texts and Manuscripts
(Publications in Medieval Studies, Vol 17) by Mary A. Rouse and Richard H.
Rouse  - One corner creased    12.00

Bookbindings (Victoria and Albert Museum Illustrated booklet) John P Harthan

Not In Print    9.00

Pictorial Bookbindings     Mirjam Foot     List  13.95        9.00

Bookbinding: Its Background and Technique by Edith Diehl (Paperback - Oct 1,

List 24.95   New  12.00

Bookbinding and the Care of Books by Douglas Cockerell, Noel Rooke, and Jane
Greenfield    (1991)     New   12.00

The Art of the Book: From Medieval Manuscript to Graphic Novel  James


Splendid Pages: The Molly and Walter Bareiss Collections of Modern
Illustrated Books   Julie Mellby       18.00

Ex Libris: Ralph Gibson Photographs by Ralph Gibson     13.00

(Beautiful artistic photos of books)

The Bookmaking Kit Ann Morris and Peter Linenthal   List 19.95 Box is dented

Easy-To-Make Decorative Boxes and Desk Accessories: 73 Projects Using
Printed Papers and Fabrics             Cover scuffed, one corner bent

The Weekend Crafter: Making Books And Journals: 20 Great Weekend Projects
by Constance Richards      List  14.95   3.00

Crafting Beautiful Journals & Albums: How to Personalize, Embellish & Make
Diaries & Scrapbooks     Anna Morgan      Like New     5.00

Handmade Books And Cards  Jean Kropper     One corner damaged      8.00

Unique Handmade Books   Alisa Golden     10.00

Expressive Handmade Books   Alisa Golden    14.00

Creating Handmade Books    Alisa Golden     8.00

---- MAGAZINES ----

Tabellae Ansatae
Premiere Winter 99      7.00

Tape Bindings, Suminagashi, Pulping with Kids, Get Stacked, Book Cloth
Sandwich, Secret Slipcase, Botany Book Bonanza, Peter and Donna Thomas,
Elaine Benjamin, Scan Your Lunch, Don?t Go Postal, Catchpenny Prints and

V 2 N 1           7.00

Paste Paper, Slit & Slot Books, Simple Japanese Binding, Monoprints, Teacup
Accordion Fold Card, Content & Format: An Approach to Artist?s Books,
Japanese Screen Hinge, Single Section Binding, Origami Rainbow Book,
Lefthanded Calligraphy, Framing Your Artwork, Attachments for Cards,
Creativity on Schedule, The Business of Calligraphy, Suminagashi,
Calligraphy on Mat Board, Favorite Tools, Star Book and more.

V 3 N 1           7.00

Carousel Revisited, Mounting Calligraphy, Irene Wellington Collection,
Medieval Floral Colors, Making A Sewing Cradle, Letterplay, Background
Papers, Greeting Card Gallery, 13 Books on Thirteen, Sonnet Fan Book,
Creative Process and Organization, Rediscovering Decorated Letters, Books: A
Magical Journey, Learning a Hebrew Alphabet, Explorations with Colored
Pencils, Magic Potion, Pilot Parallel Pen, Favorite Unusual Tools and more.

V 3 N 2           OUT OF PRINT    10.00

Folded Pen Adventures, Shereen LaPlantz: A Lifetime of Transitions, A
Calligraphic Cook Book, Flip Books, Painting with Dirt, Book Works of Memory
Press, Gallery: Jean Formo, Antarctica: A Journey in Book Production,
Creating Pens with Reeds, Grasses & Bamboo, Pointed Brush Calligraphy, Paper
Sculpture, Sandwich Book, Bokuju Sumi Ink, Envelope Templates and more.

V 3 N 3           7.00

Calligraphic Garden Art, Dos-Si-Dos, Paper Terminology, Copperplate or
Spencerian?, Gallery: Miriam Schaer, Book Paintings, Correcting Envelopes,
Illuminator?s Garden, Inversions, In Flight Exhibit, Fun Dessert Books,
Calligraphic Haiku Poetry, Rainmaker Editions, Takeout Delights, Inspiration
for Artists, Dinky Dips, Oiling Your Bone Folder, Stand & Deliver
Exhibition, and more.

Bound & Lettered
V 4 N 3  front cover bent         7.00

Hard Bound Certificate, Altered Board Books, Pangramerick, I?m Just Mad
About Saffron, Victorian Puzzle Purse, Great Book of Gaelic, Two Compound
Triptychs, The Saint John?s Bible, Mask Mystery Unmasked, Watercolor and
Calligraphy Part Two, Lettering on Glass Spheres, and more.

V 5 N 1           7.00

Pop-Up Books and Their Collectors, Origami Secret Square, Basics of
Foundational, Curing and Cutting a Quill Pen, Tunnel Vision, Rubber Stamp: A
Miniature Matrix, Pocket Books: A Small Binding Project, Tangling the Zen,
House of Cards, Jane Rannamets: An Estonian Binder, Kards for Katrina, Susen
Hensel Gallery: A Journey, The Bridge Book, The Water Lily Book, and more.

Ampersand   (Quarterly Journal of Pacific Center for the Book Arts
Vol 21 n 2     OUT OF PRINT    $18

Travelers and Collectors

Exhibition: A Fantastical Collection of Two Extraordinary Collectors,
Bivouac Bookbinding with Editor Yeager, Michael Bartalos? Polar Book Lab,
Betsy Davids? Ephemeral Structures, Margaret Fabrizio?s Travel Journals, A
Virtual Tour of European Founderies, Have Cradle Will Travel

Vol 21 n 3     OUT OF PRINT    $18


Exhibition:  BookWorks 2003,  Chiseling with Editor Yeager, Special
Collections at the San Francisco Public Library, Two-Piece Wrapper, Tools
for Small Editions

Vol 22 n 3        $13

Spring 2005: Marking Time (vol. 22 no. 3), 16 pages. The first half of this
issue documents the 2005 Member Show, which included calendar works by 29
PCBA artists and was on display at the San Francisco Center for the Book
during January and February 2005. The second article describes how the
digital age has liberated book artists by enabling them to combine
traditional craft skills and digital technologies. Finally, we look at how
three book artists have used the calendar format and its matrix of days and
weeks to explore aspects of time and meaning in their daily lives. In this
The 2005 Calendar Show catalogue
Realizing the Artistic Vision
Saul Rosenfield, Daniel Gonzalez, and Nicholas Yeager each combined
traditional mark-making skills and newer digital technologies to make their
works for the Calendar Show.
Quantifying the Quotidian
Most of Arthur Huang's documentations mark the passage of time through the
most quotidian elements of daily life: food and money.
Telling Time
Beata Wehr's calendar grids exist, not to faithfully replicate a given month
or year, but to tell time as a visual story.
Exploring the Visual World of Dreams
For over twenty years, Genie Shenk has given visual form to her nightly
dreams and collected these images into an annual dream calendar.

Vol 23 n 2 & 3 $13

Winter/Spring 2006 (vol. 23 no. 2-3), 34 pages. In this issue:
Appreciation / Heagy's Warehouse
Why we'll miss Jim Heagy's Hunters Point warehouse, a treasure-trove for
letterpress printers all over Northern California for more than 25 years
Doing Business / Photographing Books
Tips and tricks for documenting and staging your work
In Brief / Books
Carol Barton's The Pocket Paper Engineer; Sarah Bodman's Creating Artists'
2006 Member Show
Catalogue of the 12th Triennial PCBA Members Exhibition, Bookworks 2006,
including photos of the 83 works in the show and the winners of the Steven
Corey Award for emerging artists and the Alastair Johnston Award for fine
Interview / Swiss Impressions
Merilyn Umboh talks with Swiss typographer and letterpress printer, Romano
Techniques / Through the Looking Glass
Mary Brennan & George Simonson look at pastepapers that go beyond book
covers and end sheets

Vol 23 n 4        $13

Summer 2006 (vol. 23 no. 4), 25 pages. In this issue:
Retrospective / Janus Press
A pictorial walk through 25 years of Claire Van Vliet's broadsides
Profile / Cari Ferraro
Calligrapher Cari Ferraro talks about contemporary calligraphic artists'
Techniques / A Surprise Inside
David Rosen gives instructions and tips for the Turkish map fold
Collaborations / Thicket Press
Katherine Case reports on how her poetry group tackles publishing their own
limited edition books
Doing Business / Money Matters
Claire Van Vliet talks about running Janus Press, artistically and
Around the Bay / Bound to Inspire
The Bay Area Book Artists' 10th Anniversary Member Show
Book Reviews
Betty Bright's No Longer Innocent, Karen Cheng's Designing Type, and two
books issued in conjunction with the 2005 "ABC: The Artists' Books
Conference" ? Keynote Addresses and Resonance and Response
Tools: A review of the Japanese Book Drill plus instructions on how to make
a simple finishing press
Appreciation / Weather Bird Press: Pat Reagh remembers the fine press
printer and publisher Vance Gerry
End Note: Peter Thomas has suggestions for showing artists' books in

Jan 97 v 2 n 1               4.00

Pop-up Engineering of Vojtech Kubasta, Lessons from a Master Bookbinder,
Book-to-Film collecting Printed Music Strikes a High Note

May 97 v 2 n 5 4.00

Amsterdam?s Museum of the Book, So You Want To Be A Paperback Collector, The
Glory Days of U.S. Travel Books

Oct 97 v 2 n 10            4.00

Everyman?s Library, Searching for the People of the Book, The Immortal

         The Bonefolder, Vol. 3, No. 1, Fall 2006 Now Online at
Guild of Book Workers' 100th Anniversary Exhibition Online - Catalog Available
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