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Re: [BKARTS] reversible, archival glues

First, when replying to digests, or any message for that matter, delete any unnecessary quoted text....

Can you please define "archival," I mean really define the criteria against which things would be measure? The term is a pure marketing expression.

Am I a heretic to state that there is no way of ever knowing whether our works can actually said to be 'archival' ?

I don't think this would be manageable in any way, shape, or form. Think of all the factors involved. There are the raw materials, then there is the storage of those materials, then their use, then basic technique, then how the finished product is being used and stored... I could go on. You can use the best materials in the world. If you don't have good, sound, technique and store the item in a poor environment, then it will not last... Period!

-Especially when there is no reliable governance over the products we
are using as to their reliability.  We purchase and use all kinds of
solvents, glues, inks, papers, materials which I do not believe are
presently effectively regulated.

Oh, please. Life isn't safe, there are risks everywhere. We need to learn about and understand the materials/techniques/... we use, use common sense, learn to weigh the risks and advantages, and be information literate. That means researching to find information, and realizing that not everything is, or will ever be free and online. That means paying to attend workshops from recognized professionals, ... Shall I go on. As was pointed out in Aaron Salik's (Talas) post yesterday, much (if not most) of what we use is designed for other purposes/applications. It is WE who adapt something. For most industries (paper/board/adhesives) the conservation/book arts market is a ridiculously spit in the the ocean. That is also why we pay "so much" for some of the materials we use.

Our government agencies have failed
the public over and when it comes to setting standards or enforcing
them. This goes for the food we eat, the clothing we wear, our drugs &
medications, and all manner of products and goods we rely on. What
makes us believe that the situation is any different when it comes to
this attribute we aspire to: making our art 'archival'?  Perhaps this
aspiration this Emperor has no clothes!

Norman Shapiro, Book Artist

I could go on...



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