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Re: [BKARTS] reversible, archival glues and archive (space) inquiry

Thanks, Peter, for putting this all in perspective. As an artist, I think my best hope for "archival" materials is that, under careful storage conditions (no water, no vermin), they'll outlive me by a generation. Or two. Actually, I'd be happy if I can pull my work out in forty years and they look the same as when I did them - if I live that long ; ).

Here's a question that came up at an artists' meeting Monday, and perhaps some of you who are conservators/librarians can tackle this one: the national guild which I belong to was approached by one of its members as to the possibilities of and difficulties inherent in setting up an archive of the members' artwork. If there are, say, five hundred members of this group, with some attrition every year due to death or disinterest, with an equal number rejoining to keep the membership numbers fairly stable or modestly increasing by a few percent per year, and each one can archive, say, ten or twenty juried pieces of flat work up to 30"X40", what's involved as far as space needs for such an archive? And cost? Of course they would need at least one staff person. She would like to make a donation to get the archive going, but has no clue as to its real startup or maintenance costs...



On Feb 1, 2007, at 5:44 AM, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

First, when replying to digests, or any message for that matter, delete any unnecessary quoted text....

Can you please define "archival," I mean really define the criteria against which things would be measure? The term is a pure marketing expression.

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