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Re: [BKARTS] more questions!

>>> carrie v  <amaranthpress@xxxxxxxxx> 2/1/2007 6:30 AM >>>

I make it the same way you make Jello. I actually got my gelatin in bulk (cheaper). They're very fine crystals and I put a quantity in the double-boiler inset of my glue pot (yes, it needs to be used warm) and cover with cold water. When that is absorbed I may add some more and see how much continues to be absorbed. Depends on the consistency you want. Then warm up. If you get burned 1st degree it's a touch too hot.

Pre-gel/no cook wheatpaste is also available from TALAS <http://www.talasonline.com> and Bookmakers <http://www.bookmakerscatalog.com/>.

How are you making your methylcellulose. Hopefully not just putting the powder in the PVA. For use with PVA I make up about a 10% solution. That means 10 grams to 100ml of water. To make up, take perhaps a 10th of that and heat really hot, stir in your methylcellulose powder (it doesn't clump/swell in hot water) and mix well. Then top off with cold water, still stirring. Let stand, or put in fridge until it's nice and smooth. THEN mix with PVA.

Avoid flex-board... If it's the stuff I remember, it's horrible and deteriorates quickly. I would use Stonehenge thin card/folderstock type paper or 10pt folder stock. Even plain manila folders are better raw material than Red-flex.

No clue as to how to price the guarding/mending of your book. How many signatures are there, pages/signature, extent of damage. I use a baseline hourly rate of $60. 

Hope this helps, Peter

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