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Re: [BKARTS] more questions!


I too am an amateur bookbinder, having completely rebound/reconstructed only
a couple dozen books -- including seven soft cover Bibles.  Most have turned
out pretty well, I am extremely pleased with two of them (as were the
owners), and a few of them were just pitiful.  I have never charged more
than the cost of materials.  This works very well when someone wants a book
bound in leather because several have been willing to buy a whole skin for
the project, and I still keep the remaining 60-80%.  Any hours I spend doing
the work I consider as good experience and a favor for a friend.

It sounds, however, that your book in question needs more attention than any
I have done.  If it were me, I would charge materials plus a reasonably low
flat rate.  "Reasonably low" could mean anything depending on the book, how
good a friend, whether or not a deadline is given, etc.

Just my $.02

Chad Longley

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> Also...a friend would like me to repair her book that has 
> family value, not commercial value. It needs many pages 
> guarded, to be resewn on tapes and have a cover made. She 
> understands that I am new at this and will appreciate any 
> work that makes this into a book to be read again and wants 
> to pay me for my work. My question is how should I price it?? 
> It will take many hours and acquiring more materials to get 
> it done. I'd be most grateful for any suggestions!
> As always, you all are the best!! THANKS for the constant 
> inspiration and education!!
> -Carrie "Way Too Cold in Upstate New York" Valenzuela

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