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[BKARTS] More stupid beginner questions

Hi all

Lee's posting about "Archival vs. Art" and an upcoming deadline for a show provoke me to ask a couple of questions that I've not had much assistance with in my local art community.

I've recently been accepted into a show where books are not necessarily for sale, and I only entered pieces that I've worked on as "art" (and am rather proud of them as such).

The flip side is that I'd like to enter another show where pieces are required to be for sale. One of my local mentors has encouraged me to produce an editioned piece, and I've got one I'd like to submit.

So my first query is "What size of edition should I run?" My gut feeling is to run five and submit four: I'm doing them on my Epson SPR300, and they will suck down a fair bit of ink. (I've got a brand-new full set of carts ready.)

And that brings me to my second question: "what do I charge?" Of course, the gallery is taking a commission (40%), but I'd still like to feel that I'm at least getting some compensation.

I'm not a stranger to either the "art" or "sale" processes, having been a successful fibre artist for some time, but as a relative newcomer to the book world, I'd like to think that I'm doing something that should be priced somewhere in between the base calculation and my fibre-art "status": I'm just not sure where (or if!).


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