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Re: [BKARTS] Arthur & Mata Jaffe Center for the Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University

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> Cutrone
> Okay, I'm not sure whether Lee Kirk thinks we're located in New York,
> or if, after visiting our website, Lee just wants to be as far away
> from us as possible!

Mea culpa - I think I was looking at the ListServe URL (Syracuse) when I
hastily wrote my note! Actually I'm as far away from NY OR FL as I can be
without leaving the country or crossing water. (Oregon) Later I thought
hm.....why would the collection be in NY if it was donated to Atlanta? ooops

In any case, it is a truly inspiring view of the collection....and I have
passed the link along to several other book arts groups. Congratulations on
an excellent presentation, on acquiring such an extremely important
collection, on having such a splendid facility to display it, and on
creating a stellar presence for artists books. In an age when mass
production is swamping us in mediocrity and when fine arts receive so little
support, your efforts go a long way to renew my faith in human creativity
and the appreciation of it.

And if you want more PR, send me a plane ticket and hotel reservations and
I'll give it an up close and personal critique. (Never mind, no one cares
what I think!) ;-)

Also: Please send back that rain you swiped from us. We need it.

blushing but undaunted in the pursuit of human error
Lee Kirk
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