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Re: [BKARTS] Book Artists, show your work!

Jules has a very good question.

Since all contacts and sales are between the artist and the buyer, I am not privy to the sales records. But since it is such a good question I will query all the participants and let you all know of the response.

But I can tell you my own experiences.

I have gotten a tremendous positive response from the librarians receiving Artist Book News. They love being exposed to new books and new artists. They look forward to the issues. I get requests to be added to the mailing list, and thank you's for publishing the newsletter. That is not a common response from an unsolicited freebie in the mail! And bless them, they are even helping me keep my list updated with position and address changes.

I did get a book order directly from the newsletter from a library that was not even on my mailing list (now they are) which tells me librarians are passing the newsletter around.

I am in the process of scheduling 2 speaking engagements and 2 workshops that I believe the newsletter helped me to secure.

I got a large order from a library that when I visited them several years ago they bought nothing. I can't help but think being in print (with ones peers) gives one more credibly.

I have noticed a huge increase of visitors to my web site during the 2 weeks following the mailing.

One of my regular private collectors (I send a newsletter to my private collectors also) asked me to have one of the featured artists phone her (she doesn't do email), later to find out he sold her the book in the newsletter plus several others.

One librarian I personally visited and gave her the newsletter recognized one of the artists and said "Oh, she has a new book! I must order it".

Advertising and sales is more than immediate orders, it is about building name recognition, and a constant reminder to those buyers that you are still making books. It takes repeated promotion to do this. And while many book buyers are very knowledge about the world of artist books, there are many that do not feel secure in their knowledge or their choices. They often look to buy names they know or recognize, or see in connection with other artists that they do know or recognize. These are usually librarians that wear more than one hat in the smaller libraries, but they do buy artist books!

A number of the people in the first issue are also in the second, and a number in both issues are in the 3 and I even have 2 reservations for the FAll 07 issue. So these book artists must think it is worth while. Thank You.

It is a cheap way to reach a lot of buyers in good company. Surely it is worth a few tries?

Thank you for considering Artist Book News, Jill

Jill Timm
Mystical Places Press
Handcrafted artist books,
one of a kind and small editions,
miniature and not so miniature.
Publisher of Artist Book News


Date:    Mon, 5 Feb 2007 19:28:52 -0600
From:    Jules Siegel <jules@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Book Artists, show your work!

Jill Timm wrote:
To sell your books, you need to show your work to the right people!

I'd be interesting in hearing about actual sales results that the two
previous issues have produced for featured artists.

JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764, 77501-Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico

Date:    Mon, 5 Feb 2007 20:21:05 -0500
From:    Jill Timm <jtimm@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Book Artists, show your work!

To sell your books, you need to show your work to the right people!

This is the month to reserve your space in the Spring issue of Artist
Book News, the newsletter that is mailed directly to library and
special collections book buyers. Included in this hard to reach market are public and private special
collections, and artist book collections in public, college, and
university libraries. These libraries are a great market for artist
books, and now through Artist Book News you can show your work to
artist book buyers all across the United States, Canada and many foreign countries.

Your cost for this quality and wide flung exposure is a just a few
coins for each library!  Reservations should be made now to hold your
space. Only 16 books are featured! Payment will be due by Feb 28th,
check, money order or PayPal. Photos and text will be due by March 15th.
You will get to proof, and make minor changes to the final copy
before going to print. Mailing will be near the end of April.

For more detailed information and to view or download the last 2 issues go to:

Just email me to reserve your space today.

Thanks, Jill

Jill Timm
Mystical Places Press
Handcrafted artist books,
one of a kind and small editions,
miniature and not so miniature.
Publisher of Artist Book News

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