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Re: [BKARTS] Archival oils on paper

Would "real" paper (as opposed to the plastic vellum stuff) treated with melted beeswax be a kinder, gentler approach with a similar effect? One that would perhaps not require any sort of barrier? The beeswax could perhaps even be removed with heat (an iron) and newsprint (for blotting)... still leaving translucency behind.

I'm not entirely sure this would work and am just thinking out loud... but thought I'd offer up a possible alternative.


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I am trying to increase the transparency (translucency?) of
paper-plastic scrapbooking vellum. The best solution I can think of is
to use Liquin or linseed oil soaked into the paper. Since the treated
sheet will also be touching paper around it, I will need to seal it so
the oil doesn't bleed. My first thought was to use a acrylic sealer. I
could also use spray-fix, but I don't have much faith that it would
cover the entire surface well enough to prevent bleeding. Can I treat
both sides or does the oil need to breath as it ages? How archival would
this method be? Any other ideas?

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