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[BKARTS] Please trim folks - and a comment on 'preservation'

Can I add another request to Richard Minsky's comment about informative
subject lines? Could people please try and remember to trim their
messages. If you don't, those of us who subscribe to the digest form of
the list are forced to scroll through pages and pages of repeated
information - with the very real risk of missing the new material. 

On another topic, I've been watching the discussion on archival
materials with considerable interest. It seems to me that the obsession
with longevity is a relatively modern one. It certainly didn't bother
Leonardo as he experimented with fresco or oil painting techniques. OK.
He created a headache for conservators, but if he hadn't been pushing
the boundaries we might not have had The Last Supper and Mona.

I thought that Andrew Williams made a good point when he said "Books
(all art works?) LIVE, they have lives like us, they deteriorate and

If they didn't, we'd all be drowning in an even bigger pile of 'stuff'
than we are now.

Sue Wood (in Oz) 

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