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[BKARTS] 'Our Emperor's nakedness and mortality

From Norman Shapiro:
To Sally Conzoneri

I am gladdened at the the point you made this morning as per 'archivalness' and our discourse. Lovely and welcome, brief and to the point. Reasoned, a neat recapitulation. I'd call it 'A Pearl'.
I say a 'pearl', 'jewel', an 'insight'. Some thing to put on 'Our Emperor' ....

-Where prior there was no thought as to the premises we'd bought into, there is some discourse now. We arrive at the notion that, yes, Our Emperor is still very naked. i.e. we and he are mortal, nothing lasts forever, and we do the best we can. And we must learn as best we can the costs and the payoffs, do our balancing of the books and make our choices. And we each can only do it for ourselves. It cannot be mandated. And so it is, even as I sit here not-touch-typing the words on my key board.

I much appreciate your taking the position you expressed. It is a clearing in the woods.

Thank you,

Norman Shapiro



Regarding the "archival" discussion: It has been an interesting discussion,
and it seems to me that there is room for both archival and non-archival work
in the world. But I think that it is important in selling work to be sure
the buyer knows what s/he is getting. Just as artists differ on the issue, so
will buyers, but they should be able to make an informed decision. And, please
don't take offense anyone -- this is just an observation, and in no way a
comment on anyone in particular.

Regarding posts: Could people please (especially if you are on digest mode)
be sure that your post includes only the relevant message you are replying
to, not the whole digest. Otherwise, there is a lot of old, irrelevant stuff to
scroll through.

Thanks and best wishes,

Sally C.

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