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Re: [BKARTS] Printing on 'Art papers'

The Epson pro photo printers and the 13" pigmented printers will easily print 325msg+ papers through the rear manual path, somewhat less than that through the 'auto' path and even much much heavier medium through the straight through paths (and you can check the new Canon iPf5000 and the Z series of HP printers--all pigmented printers--oh, plus the HP 9180--a 13" format). They are also pigmented ink which is archival. Look at the 3800, 4800, 7800, 9800---I print quite heavy rag papers all the time on both my 3800 and my old 2200 (a 13" printer--the 3800 is 17") I also use primarily '3rd party' papers--as do most of the photographers I know. Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is a favorite as well as other Hahnemuhle papers--like William Turner, German Etching, the Crane Museo papers, Arches, Hawks Mountain, Innova, Moab--some are coated, some not. There are a great variety of fine art papers available for inkjets these days--and of course, the Epson papers. Most papers are available in roll and sheet in various sizes plus some are duo sided--A4 through 17 x 22 or now some new ones at 17 x 25 and larger.

If you wish to do transfers there are a number of techniques--and you can use Lazertran for a 'decal' without the rubbery feel. Also Inkaid allows you to print on any medium--uncoated thin papers not normally considered printable or things like metal and wood.

Diane B. Fields
photo site  http://www.pbase.com/picnic

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Subject: [BKARTS] Printing on 'Art papers'

I'ld be very wary of putting paper through a printer that are not specified
by the manufacturer - or designed for printing with a bubble or laser
printer. What do you mean by Art papers? Do you mean a cotton rag or
something? Beware.
How much is your printer worth?

I have used an old bubble jet that I picked up very cheap to run 300GSM
Hahnemule through. It was great fun, i got some great results - needless to
say, I no longer have that cheap bubble jet printer.

The cheaper and more basic the printer, the more success you will have
putting rag paper through of any weight, but for a short time.

The more sophisticated the printer (esp. Laser) the more likely you are to
damage your printer - quickly.

A good alternative that I have seen used by Printmakers in Australia is
T-Shirt transfers or heat transfers. You can even print etchings straight on
top of them, and still emboss with superb results. You just have to get used
to the plastic surface.

Andrew Williams
Pickafight Books
Stanmore NSW Australia

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