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Re: [BKARTS] Nylon cerex and Bostick heat set tissue

Does anyone still use heat set tissue for repairs these days?


Our first option for paper repairs is always a wet repair, i.e with
dilute paste and Japanese paper.

If there are many small repairs, say in big Family Bibles, heat set
tissue may be used.  But, the choice to use this method must be weighed
against the detrimental effects, such as the often differing color of
the tissue to the paper being repaired, the sometimes hardening of the
area beneath the repair, the inability to properly feather the edges as
with the wet repair method, and the general noticeability of the repair.
However, it is definitely useful to have this repair facility available
to you when needed.

Final option if true laziness sets in, and only for minor repairs, is to
use one of the archival brand pressure sensitive repair tapes.

Wet repairs are much more flexible, because you can choose the tissue
with appropriate weight and tone to match the paper being repaired, or
even tone up the repair tissue yourself.


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