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Re: [BKARTS] cleaning brushes

I have a question for you out there...

I was told by an instructor that she leaves her brushes soaking almost
permanently in water she changes regularly.

One advantage is never having to clean a stiffened dry brush but what
adverse effects are there on the brush? Is this a horrifically bad thing to
do? It sounds sensible in one respect but completely silly in another. I'm
not sure what rot or mould develops. I definitely want my brush sitting at
the bottom of my shower cubicle with the mould which is a constant battle in
the hot climate of Sydney summer...


Andrew Williams
Pickafight Books
Stanmore NSW Australia

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Hi, Peter,
A while back I learned a trick to clean out dried PVA from brushes that
works almost all of the time.  Simply place the bristles in  paste ( the
consistency of pudding or drier).  Check the bristles every day or so to
see if the PVA has softened-- and it will though it takes several days.
As the PVA softens, you can wash/rub it out.  Return the brush to the
paste fand repeat the cycle until the brush is clean.  This has worked
well for me on at least one brush where the dried PVA was several years old.

Susie Lunas
Many Moons Book Conservation
Eugene, Oregon

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